Love in the Time of Poverty


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I’ll Melt with You

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Futility (Video Edition)

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My mother tells me this story from time to time of when I was born.  A few days after bringing me home I was crying and would not stop.  The kind of cry that worries a mother.  After much examination and stress my mother noticed that I was actually pulling my own hair.  I had grabbed a handful of hair and pulled and in doing so started to cry and grasped tighter and pulled harder as if the reaction warranted further aggression.  As if I was trying to punish the hair for causing me pain by pulling it harder. Now, quite a few years later I find that sometimes my life is an extended metaphor of that moment. I should consider cutting my hair shorter.

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Of Academics, Strange Dreams and Neuroscience.

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A strange dream I had that reminded me about the different methodologies for taking notes that I don’t use but might be useful to you.

Note taking methods:……

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Clean Notes –…
Sketch Notes –…

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On insomnia and Tomorrow (Video Edition)

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On Insomnia and Tomorrow.


I tend to avoid falling asleep as an attempt to avoid “Tomorrow”.  See, as soon as I fall asleep, I will wake up and it will be “Tomorrow”. Usually “Tomorrow” lands on a work day so I don’t like it much.  Moreover, I like the “End of Today” a lot, so I try to stretch that out as much as possible.  This, however, is detrimental to my mental capacity for the first few hours of “Tomorrow”, but does contribute to the financial betterment of the coffee industry.  Which ultimately makes “End of Today” better for everyone.  You know, just trying to do my part.

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Writing and Locations


I’ve returned to writing recently.  Offline obviously as my blog seems a little lack luster lately.  I’m enjoying it and looking forward to having a rough draft by November.  That way I can go into nanwrimo without a lingering idea and I can start fresh with something new.  While I’ve heard of nanwrimo in the past, this will be my first year in participating.  I’m registered and I’m trying hard to work out a schedule to finish on time. If you don’t know, nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month and is a challenge and competition of sorts where writers of all types try to complete a novel of 50,000 words in a month.  Which is going to be a daunting task for anyone who has a full time job that isn’t writing.  I’m looking forward to that as well as another few projects that I have sparked.  Also I’ve finally settled on a new house.  I’ll be moving in a few weeks and I hope the new environment brings inspiration and perspective. The major thing it will have is space, I’ll have a full studio to work in and I’m super excited for that.

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The Moth


I come fresh from my first ever Moth here in the D.  The Moth is a interesting event where people get 5 minutes to tell a story.  There is a basic theme for the night and you just go up and tell your story.  A few caveats, no notes, stand-up or ranting.  It needs to be real and pretty much of the moment.  I put my name in the hat thinking I wouldn’t be called but as the ninth name was pulled from the hat it just happen to sound like my name.  So I made my way to the stage and stood in front of the microphone with the stage lights in my eyes.  I’ve been in that position before so knowing what to do came pretty easy.  The lights make it difficult to see the audience so the nerves calm a bit.  I told my story pausing for laughter and awes.  All in all it went really well and the applause when I was done was invigorating. I walked back to my drink with people saying that was a great story and great delivery and so on and so forth.  The adulation was amazing, I could have done that all night.



I made my first dashboard widget a few days ago and I’m surprised at the positive response. I made a remote control for the social media platform Boxee. If you happen to run Boxee and want to control it from your Mac laptop download it and give it a try.

I’ve already had some requests for a windows version so I will try to port the code over to a gadget soon. Or maybe a Yahoo widget as well. If you really want a linux port of some kind let me know and what widget platform would be best.

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